Doing the right things right !

If we could only select the projects that were bound to be succesful. If we could only avoid all failures and wasted efforts. If we could only stop dreaming and be realistic! All our lost opportunities and wasted efforts do actually generate a lot of useful knowledge, but frankly a lot of us forget about this, when we are busy being dissapointed.

Everytime we experience success we are keen to share compiments right and left, such as ”he/she did so and so, and the team really came togheter….bla bla bla, we could not have done it without so and so…..bla bla bla” – I think you get my point

When the opposite happens, why do we often react differently? When you as a sales person loose the tender to a competitor, when we don’t get the job we wanted, when your date (I am married now, so I am off the market) never called you back, then we should also stop to reflect and analyze. I am not only talking to the ears of sales people and business developers. I am talking to everyone all the time. When your decision was turned down, your brilliant planned was cut in two, then stop, reflect and avoid doing the same play the next time.

It is not rocket science. Simply ask, ”what should I do different the next time”.  Now, consider your next holiday destination, or what you really want to do for Christmas, and then remember why your wife turned it down last year. That is a great place to start.

Good luck on your bumpy road to getting more, ”Yes I like” – answers.












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