Your shortcut to rockstar presentations


We have all attended seminars, workshops and events where we have seen awful powerpoint or keynote presentations, boring everyone to death, presented by someone, who never really felt comfortable on a scene. We normally end up feeling sorry for the presenter, but quite often I am personally left with the questions WHY this format, WHY here in this forum, and WHY waste the time of everybody present? Did anybody force you to use powerpoint or keynote?

With regards to presentations, there is since long, a new sheriff in town, and the name is Prezi, perhaps you don’t know that one of the founders is Swedish. The founders got tired of trying to convince local European investors for funding, so instead the company operates out of the US instead….

I don’t get any discounts or other free rides for writing this, but with Prezi and other similar innovative tools, I think we will attend fewer presentations as the one I described above.

This is my top 3 list of why I really recommend Prezi

  1. You have a lot of free accessible content/formats created by true Prezi rockstar presenters. (giving you a shortcut, to becoming a rockstar presenter yourself.
  2. Prezi is a cloud service, with a reasonable monthly fee.
  3. Prezi provides simple tools and allow you to create great conent.

I am by no means a Prezi rockstar, but I am learning as we go along. I have tried to convert a normal, old-school and sometimes dull CV, into a personal Prezi.

HH prezi

Prezi yes please, and adios powerpoint.

Have you already done, your own rockstar presentation using Prezi? Feel free to share a link in the commentary.


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