The new beginning…

K2G logoThis is the new beginning of Know2Grow’s official blog, website, my personal lab for ideas and home of thoughts worth sharing. I founded Know2Grow 12 years ago, without any particular strategy for future development, that was the way I wanted it to be. For a long time I have enjoyed the ”as is”, and for me the company has been a perfect platform to test own ideas at various levels, and it has also been a great source of different discussions, jobs and freelance gigs.

The Know2Grow reason to exist and my WHY, HOW, WHAT are quite simple. I am curious by nature and I always seem to be moving somewhere. I rarely know the final destination, but living this way develops me every day, and I have a feeling of moving forward, that is good enough for me.

My HOW is based on knowledge gained during 20 years with various mistakes and successes. Companies I have worked for is one factor, but more importantly the people I have met and shared ups and downs with. Great personalities those willing to share expertise and unique knowlege,  the collective power of the many.

WHAT do I do? – I help companies and people grow. I believe in increasing useful and relevant knowledge we can absorb, because knowledge applied at the right time will lead to growth in all aspects. For professional and personal growth. For companies with goals and ambitions, and for individuals on the quest for personal development. I do not believe in wallpaper philosophy as ”knowledge is power”, because it is not what we know that is important, what we do with that knowledge matters a lot more.

This is Know2Grow, have a look around and feel free to get in touch with me.